For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.
    So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, what is unseen is eternal.
    ~2 Corinthians 4:16-18

Monday, May 16, 2016

Song of Silence by Cynthia Ruchti

Music taught Lucy love and beauty. Could silence teach her hope?

Lucy and Charlie Tuttle agree on one thing: they’re committed to each other for life. Trouble is, neither of them expected life to look like this. Charlie retired early, but Lucy is devoted to a long-term career…until the day she has no choice.

Forced to retire from her position as music educator in a small Midwestern K-8 school, Lucy can only watch helplessly as the program her father started years ago disintegrates before her eyes. As the music fades and a chasm separates her from the passion of her heart, Lucy wonders if her faith’s song has gone silent, too. The musical score of her life seems to be missing all the notes.

When a single misstep threatens to silence Lucy forever, a young boy and his soundless mother change the way she sees—and hears—everything.

Song of Silence (Abingdon Press) by Cynthia Ruchti--RT REVIEWS 4.5 Stars TOP PICK!

“Sometimes God shatters a dream because what He will create out of the broken pieces will be far more beautiful and useful than the original. Song of Silence by Cynthia Ruchti is the glorious telling of one family’s broken dreams transformed by hope.”  
--Becky Melby, The Lost Sanctuary Series

“From music education to special needs, from heartache to the reality of relationships, Cynthia Ruchti nails every note in Song of Silence with crafted precision.”  
--Richard Pickrell, music education specialist, parent of a special needs child

“Cynthia Ruchti deftly depicts the feelings of unreality, depression, and the uncanny ability of life to follow up one knockout punch with a string of other shattering blows. Yet as despair hovers menacingly close in the story Song of Silence, Ruchti injects her trademark perspective of a life ‘hemmed in hope.’’ 
Kathy Kexel, on-air host, 88.5 The Family Radio

“In Song of Silence, readers will ask themselves, ‘What would I do if the thing that makes me feel like I matter in life was taken away and I had to start over? Where would I find my significance?’ The scenes balance funny, fear, and futility, resulting in renewed faith.”  
--Kathy Carlton Willis, author of Grin with Grace and Speaker to Speaker

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Best in Christian Fiction

Claire’s 19 year-old son gets himself a Brazilian mail-order bride When Claire tries to welcome her, she's ridiculed, rebuffed, and rejected. Loving this girl is like hugging a prickly cactus. Chapel Springs Survival received 4 stars from RT BookReviews    

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Christmas Traditions Series

Featuring HOLLY DAZE by Gina Welborn…

Lena rested her forehead against the knotty pine beam. She could leave town and no one would notice. Until they needed another cherry twig placed in holy water.

“Luck isn’t real.”

“In that, Miss Reinhardt, you are correct,” came the cynically British (Britishly cynical?) voice from somewhere behind her. “All things occur because God wills them. Rain, good and bad, et cetera et cetera.”

With an inner groan, Lena turned to face the barn wall where James Holly stood, coffee mug in right hand, flask in left, crooked grin on his handsome face. Strands of ash brown hair had loosened from his aristocratic queue. Fourth-in-line to a marquessate and a PhD in geology, not to mention a decade older than her, the fossil hunter oozed superiority and smugness—two character traits that no one else in the town seemed to mind but her.

The town’s beloved Englishman. She’d yet to hear a critical word about him. Well, save for those she uttered in her own mind.


“This collection of Christmas novellas offered eight delightful stories of romance, restoration, and renewal. This faith-based series was also laced with humor and a bit of suspense.” ~Amazon reviewer, 5*

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday, October 5, 2015

Inkwell Inspirations: Floral Depravity Pre-launch Party


Inkwell Inspirations: Floral Depravity Pre-launch Party: Tomorrow is the launch day for FLORAL DEPRAVITY, the third of Beverly Allen's Bridal Bouquet Shop Mysteries, and we're celebrating....

Monday, August 31, 2015

Inkwell Inspirations: Happy 6th Blog-o-versary To Us!

Inkwell Inspirations: Happy 6th Blog-o-versary To Us!: It's been 6 years since Gina Welborn realized a dream of bringing a group of female inspirational writers together for the purpose o...

We're giving away two Amazon giftcards!

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Most Eligible Bachelor Romance Collection

Here’s a romance collection that takes readers back to the gentler time of courtship and chivalry. Each of the nine story’s heroes has something special about him besides a handsome face—success, wealth, a beautiful home, a courageous heart, generosity, and more—but he doesn’t have the woman of his dreams. Still finding her is a challenge when all the local single ladies want to be with the most eligible bachelor in town, including gold diggers and charlatans. Readers will delight in following the journeys as each bachelor finds his bride through patience, prayer, and perfect timing.
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The Archaeologist’s Find 
by Erica Vetsch

New York 1898 – 

Archaeologist James Kirkland’s finds in Egypt have made him a wealthy man—and a very eligible bachelor. Alicia Davidson would like nothing better than to spend every day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art sketching artifacts. Drawn to each other within the halls of the museum, will their friendship survive when society reveals their true identities?
The Archaeologist’s Find is set in Gilded Age New York City, primarily in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I have always been fascinated with the opulent homes, the society rules, and the lifestyles of the Astors and Vanderbilts and Goulds during the Gilded Age. I’ve also long been intrigued by the history of America’s “Dollar Princesses,” the daughters of New York Society who were married off for political, material, and societal means with little say in the matter for themselves. Whether their fathers were trying to solidify a business deal, or their mothers were after a European title, the daughters were treated like bargaining chips. I love the idea of a socialite throwing over the traces for love.

My hero, James Maxwell Kirkland, is an Egyptologist who loves the life of an excavator and conservator, spending half his year in Egypt, the other half in scholarly pursuits. He’s made the discovery of a lifetime, but it comes with strings attached. He must curate an exhibit of his find at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

My heroine, Alicia Davidson, is the only child and heir of the Davidson Department Store fortune and is expected to marry well. But in her heart, all she longs for is to become an artist…and to find real love. She escapes her mother’s machinations by going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art each day to draw and paint.

When Max and Ally meet, it’s as museum aficionados, not as two of New York’s most eligible catches, and while the pressure is on for them to find their perfect matches among New York’s elite, they think their paths might lie along similar lines. When the truth about who they are is revealed, one is elated and the other alarmed.


Erica Vetsch is a transplanted Kansan now residing in Minnesota. She loves history and romance, and is blessed to be able to combine the two by writing historical romances. Whenever she’s not immersed in fictional worlds, she’s the company bookkeeper for the family lumber business, mother of two, wife to a man who is her total opposite and soul-mate, and avid museum patron.